Your Student Athletic Costs Add Up...


Working Together We Can Help

Legacy Food for Funds

We are Legacy Food for Funds, a non-profit organization that offers student athletes and their families the opportunity to participate in programs that help in off-setting the costs associated with athletic expenses.

What kind of fundraiser is this?

Our organization works with the Moda Center, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Providence Park and the Hillsboro Hops to adopt various concessions stands. Schedules are created monthly based on the availability you provide. These venues donate a percentage of the proceeds of food sales for the events you work, which is then credited to your account within our Non-profit organization. You can then request your credits be paid out to the athletic program on your behalf which is then credited towards your athletic fees. Or you can request reimbursement for fees paid (annual fees as well as travel costs associated with tournaments). Supporting documentation is required when requesting reimbursement from your account.

How much do I make?

It varies based on the event and the venue. Most venues pay the % based on food and non-alcoholic beverage sales. Some venues include alcoholic beverages. You can expect to earn on average $75 per event - sometimes more, it just depends on how much the stand sells.

How old do the volunteers need to be?

You must be 16 years old. We have minimal spots available for those that are 16-18 yrs old. Sometimes we get extra opportunities for those under 18 which we send out as an option for the athletes themselves to work. The majority of our shifts are for those 18+ and have a OLCC permit (ability to serve alcohol). When we send out our schedule opportunities you will see how many spots we have for OLCC vs Non-OLCC. Please pay close attention and be sure when you are responding with your availability, you let us know who is OLCC and who is not.

Do I need to have any special permits?

If you are over 18, you will need to obtain your OLCC permit to allow you to serve alcohol (parents and older siblings can help earn towards your fees!). The cost to obtain the permit is around $35.00 and is a simple online class & test. Those 16+ will also need to obtain their Foodhandlers permit (again, an easy class/test that is taken on-line). The cost to obtain your Foodhandlers is around $15.00.

What do I do there?

If you are an OLCC at an event serving alcohol, you will arrive early with time to set up the stand, run a register during the event, and assist with clean up at the end. Non-OLCC also arrive early to assist with set up, but will primarily either assist in the kitchen with cooking, or running orders to the cashiers as they are ringing customers in. Non-OLCC members cannot run a register unless there is no alcohol at the event or stand.

What do I wear?

Each venue is slightly different - but you can expect to be required to wear black pants, black non-slip shoes and a hat/lanyard which is be provided by our group. The venues will provide you with shirts to wear during your shift. Hops is a little more lenient and will allow either black or beige pants or capris and any kind of shoe.

What about parking?

Moda, Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Hops all provide employee parking passes for the designated employee parking areas. Timbers is more difficult and we typically will just take the Max to/from the venue.

Does it cost anything to join?

There is a $10.00 fee per person to join. This fee is payable when you join the program and covers the cost of your initial group hat and lanyard which should be worn at all events.

How do I sign up?

Contact either Tanja Doss, Melissa Peterson, or Krystle Nguyen and we will get you added to our roster and help you begin the process of preparing for your first shift. You can contact any of us by phone, text or email: